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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Man Overboard - Battle Album Leak With An Album Release

Statement from the band long read, but I wanted to post it on here and make it available to read without clicking anywhere because the band handled it in a cool way:
You might be asking yourself, "Is it July 20th? Was I asleep for the past month? How is it the release date for Man Overboard's Real Talk?" You haven't been asleep. As many of you may know our record has slipped through the cracks and leaked its way onto to the Internet. MOB and Run For Cover are huge music fans and we know how much it sucks when you want to support a band and buy their music, but some jerk who doesn't love the band half as much as you, is listening to their illegally downloaded copy of a record you want so bad and the only way you can get it, is to illegally download it. Rather than have our fans experience that pain that we go through all the time, we figured we should get it out to those of you who are cool enough to want to support us ASAP. SO! The album is now available for download at our Bandcamp for $9 with an exclusive bandcamp bonus track (not available on the CD/LP or leaked version) titled, "Again." The album will also soon be available on iTunes (it may be there right now, go check!) without the bonus track and of course for more money.

If you want a taste of the record you can get our new single "Fantasy Girl" in exchange for your email or a Tweet from the little widget on

We put our record into a select number of hands that we not only trusted, but who swore they would protect the album until its proper release date. A certain person was either trying to get some n00dz, or pick up a few scene points. To those who we sent the record to and you held it close - thanks a million and we seriously appreciate your dedication, hard work and anything that you have done to help our band. Seriously. And to the person who sent it out to people - Cmon son, you fucked up.

You can pre-order a physical copy of the CD or Vinyl fromBandcamp with an immediate digital download and the exclusive track download. Physical copies and the rest of our merch is also available in our merch store and at Run For Cover's store.

Thank you to those of you who are cool enough to support us and Run For Cover. We literally could not do it without you. No thanks to the asshole who leaked the record. Leave the underage girls for the underage boys and get "sucks at life" tattooed on which ever hand you write with.

TO THOSE WHO HAVE PRE-ORDERED: Run For Cover will be mailing you a download of the album! In the next 24 hours.

UPCOMING TOURS: please check the myspace - for current tour dates!

Thank you again for your love and support. We appreciate it more than you know.

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