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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deacon From The 87 Stick Up Kids Best Of 2009 List (CLICK HERE TO READ)

Deacon from The 87 Stick Up Kids sent us over this list of his favorite albums and moments of 2009. Click above to read.

1. Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest
2. Lil’ Wayne- No Ceilings
3. A Disturbing New Trend- Year Of The Carnivore
4. Miike Snow- Miike Snow
5. wavves- wavvves
6. washed out - high times
7. Friday Night- Friday Night
8. Neon Indian- Dead Beat Summer
9. Paul White- The Strange Nature Of Paul White
10. Zion I- The Takeover

Deacon's Blog

Top 9 moments of 2009

1. Escapes death and a DUI when he totals his car by crashing it into a parked one.

2. Forms the fabulous baker boys with Tarl and competes for the same woman’s love.

3. Lives beyond his projected life expectancy.

4. Breaks up Kelis and Nas only to be the sole reason they reunite 7 months later.

5. Receives 3 American Music Awards for writing “If I Were A Boy” performed by Beyonce Knowles

6. Is adopted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie…emancipates himself and receives $33 million in an unfair treatment lawsuit procured by the defendant.

7. Becomes the first human to give birth to a baby seal.

8. Reinterprets Shakespeare as an astronomer instead of a play write and discovers that our planet and solar system are in fact “flat like a pizza and or a frisbee” per his book aptly titled Memoirs from Flatlas

9. Stops doing drugs, only to overdose on life & dies only to be reincarnated as a koala bear that is addicted to barbiturates

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