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Thursday, June 17, 2010

HelloGoodbye -

From Hellogoodbye's Myspace:

hey dudes. big news! as some of you may know, we recently had sloppy break up with our former label and merch company. with this newfound contractual freedom, we decided to start and run our very own merch store. we found ourselves missing the hand-packed, homemade, band-to-fan vibe that our favorite bands stores used to have. we also had a hankering for the control of being able to set our own prices, create limited handmade items, and just give things away if we want to (like below).

set your address bar to and check out our brand new store, filled with our girlfriends, fiances, and friends as incredibly apt models. and to celebrate the grand opening, we are running a special where with just about any order, you'll get a free shirt from our "mystery zone!" expect killer awesome rad specials all the time from here on out, like a weekly hella good buy.

were really happy to have something so truly diy (i even coded the PHP myself... so don't get mad if its busted), this is the way it shoulda' been all along!

thanks guys!

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